Design with intent.

Intent is the difference between a design that merely exists and a design that leaves a impression.

We ask not just what and how, but more importantly, why. It's this emphasis on intent that defines our design philosophy, shaping a future where every solution is a purposeful step toward positive change.

The result is a holistic approach that considers various angles and produces more robust, inclusive outcomes replacing the limiting terms graphic design, service design, and communications design with the more encompassing, appropriate and strategy-centered term Experience Design, which encompasses many disciplines such as cognitive science, computer science, design, human interaction and psychology.


  • We declare our conspicuous principles, intentions, and views.
  • ⁃ Design for everyone.
  • ⁃ Design for experience.
  • ⁃ Work on imperfect solutions.
  • ⁃ There are no fresh ideas. Recycle and upcycle.
  • ⁃ Simple design is sophisticated design.
  • ⁃ Design for client's clients.
  • ⁃ Great collaboration is great conversation.

THE ART Of Traditional innovation.

While innovation opens doors to new opportunities and markets, tradition provides the stability and trust that customers and employees rely on. The key is in recognizing when to hold firm to tradition and when to push the boundaries of innovation.


Hithasini Rajagopal

Concept Architect

Anjana Krishnan

Operations Head

Creative head

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